Now That’s A Monday

I woke up Monday morning at 6am with something in my eye. I thought it was an eyelash, and since my eyelashes are blond I usually can not see them when they get in my eye, so I thought I would go to work, and I would find it later. I showered, got dressed, and went to work.

*I drive 1 hour & 15 minutes to work.

By the time I got to work my eye was killing me. I tried to get whatever was in my eye out, but couldn’t find it. After working for 3 hours at 11 am, and being in even more pain

*not to mention only not being able to see

I went to the health center on campus where I work. Because it is summer they did not have anyone on duty until afternoon. She suggested that I go to Urgent Care, so I drove

*now by this time I was having a hard time seeing & in a lot of pain.

I finally found the Urgent Care, an hour later, and got signed in. As I am waiting, trying to keep my eye closed because this is the only thing that made it feel better, I hear there is a 2 or 2 ½ hour wait.

*Believe that!!

Well, after about an hour & a half I get called into see the PA. She numbed my eye, got out what looked like a piece of wood out of my eye, and found the scratch it caused.

*Now I need to drive back home

oh, and go to the pharmacy to pick up medication. At least my eye does not hurt anymore. On the way home my eye begins to hurt again, so I stopped at a store & looked everywhere for a patch. I was having problems seeing, and the store was being remodeled so nothing was were it belonged. Finally someone offered to help me, and I walked out of there with an eye patch.

Now I look like a pirate.20150706_170206

And a very tired one at that

By the time I got to the pharmacy it was 4 pm. This has turned into a long day. My prescription will not be ready for another 20 minutes.

*All I want is to go home and sleep

I wait for my prescription, and finish the drive home.



Summer Reading

After graduating, my days have been spent catching up on blogs and reading. John believes I have not left the study mode. This might be true, but it is more than that. I have so many books I have not been able to read because I was reading other good books for my classes. Now is my time to catch up! These are books that I haveSummer Reading wanted to read for years, and books from classes I only had time to skim because of all the other homework I needed to do. Yes, there is a long list, and I am sure I will not get through all of them this summer. I have tried to get through the list for the last four summers, but the list just seems to grow. This means that I need to set my goal a little lower this year so I can at least feel that I have accomplished it. There are four of the must read books, and the ones that I will get through for sure.

Revelation of Love by Julian of Norwich translated by John Skinner: This book was given to me by a friend g years ago, and has been setting in my book shelf. I came across it while looking for summer reading, and felt this was the time to read it. Julian of Norwich was born in 1373. She is one of the Christian mystics, and has the honor of being the oldest known English author that was a woman. Her book is written in short chapters. This makes it perfect for a daily devotional. I am really enjoying it, and will post more about this book later.

Grace (Eventually): Thoughts on Faith by Anne Lamott: I love Anne Lamott, and it has been way too long since I have read one of her books. I read an article she wrote for a class last semester, and remembered how much I love her wit. I just had to read one of her books this summer, and since I have three of them on my book shelf I picked the one that looked the most interesting.

Hear and Knowing: Theological Reflections on Christianity in Africa by Mercy A. Oduyoye: I read one of her books for my Liberation Theology class last year, and this a book for my Global Christianity class. I fell in love with Oduyoye, and of the books by her I read last year this is the one that I felt I did not get as much time with as I would like, so I chose to reread it.

Church Refugees

Church Refugees: Sociologists reveal why  people are DONE with Church but not Their Faith by Josh Packard, PH.D. and Ashleigh Hope: This book just came out June 1st. I just had to read it! I read everything that I can find on the “nones” or “church refugees”. It is one of my favorite things to study, and when I discovered this book I just had to read it. It went on my summer reading list for sure.

This is enough for now, and as I read these books I will post my thoughts about them. There are others that have been added to the list, but these are enough for right now.

What has been happening?

I just know you have been asking this question!! Well, maybe not. I will answer it for you anyway. 

I decided to play Plants vs Zombies again. The last time I played it was around 2006, and I totally loved it. It was so much fun playing it the second time around, but I go t absolutely nothing done for about a week.

Then we went to Idaho for a family reunion. That was a blast. I soaked in Burgdorf Hotsprings every day, and saw Warren, a ghost town.

Me with my sister.
Me with my sister.
My Aunt & Uncle
My Aunt & Uncle

Burgdorf Hotsprings At camp Love this picture

Warren ID
Warren ID
This is my Great Aunt Hattie's old house
This is my Great Aunt Hattie’s old house
I am glad I was not in the outhouse when it collapsed
I am glad I was not in the outhouse when it collapsed

That is a brief rundown of what has been happening. Now I need to get back to work fixing up this trailer so I can enjoy school.