New Blog Theme


I know it has been some time since I have posted. I have been busy with school, work, and family. I am starting on the next stage of my journey, and thought it was about time for me to rejuvenate my blog. I will be using a new theme. The blog will be about my life. Here is an update on what has been going on with me while I was absent:

I will be attending PLTS in the fall. This will be my first year on the road to get my Master’s of Divinity (MDiv), and eventually becoming an ordained minister of the ELCA.


This blog is dedicated to my friends and family who have been so supportive of me on my journey. They have been great at helping me out, and giving me the encouragement that I needed to make it this far.

My journey started with TCC where I got my Associate of Arts degree. Then I went on to PLU where I got a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Religion and minoring in Greek and Anthropology. This has been a long journey, and is not over yet.

I will be completing the first year at PLTS online, so I will still be in Washington for another year.

Life is an adventure.


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