Coffee Cup Holder


When we moved into the new house I knew that I had to redo the kitchen. It is an older trailer, and the kitchen still looks the same as when it was first built, but I was not sure what theme or colors I wanted. My daughter suggested a coffee theme, and I fell in love with the idea. I love coffee, and tend to collect coffee cups, so it was perfect for me. I have always wanted a coffee themed kitchen, and the designs work with the new house. Where it did not work at the last couple of homes.

My collection of coffee cups would not all fit in the cupboard, and it is hard to display them behind closed doors. There is also a perfect spot by the sink to place a cup holder, so I decided to make my own.

Old fence

My father-in-law gave us an old fence, and one look at told me  it was perfect for my project.

I took the fence apart, and cut the boards to the length I needed. I sanded them, and then started painting.

the first two coats of paint
the first two coats of paint
Final coat of paint and sanded boards
Final coat of paint and sanded boards

I put 3 coats of paint on them. The first coat was a chocolate brown. I made sure that this covered all of the wood. The second was a cream. This coat was put on lighter so some of the brown showed through, but not much. The last coat was a light brown. This coat was dry brushed on so you could see some of the paint layers that were under it. Then the whole thing was sanded, and screwed together.

practice drawing
practice drawing

Next, I drew out the design I wanted on a piece of paper before I tried to put it on the final product. This helped me to practice, and get the idea just right before it was permanent. I used the chocolate brown and avocado green. for the design.

Final painting
Final painting

Then the cup hooks were added, I put the cup hooks 6 inches apart, and staggered them on each board. This made it so that the cups could hang without hitting each other. To figure out the exact proportions I put on a hook, and then hung a cup on it. This way I could see how it would look, and where I wanted the next cup. To mount the final product on the wall I used picture hangers. I put one on each side. This gave it a little more stability. Then the cups were added.

A tip on the paint; I chose the colors that I wanted, and then checked out the paint that people had returned. I was able to find all of the colors that I wanted at 50% off this way.


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